Industry Overview

  • The Asian market is driving global economic growth and India is emerging as the world’s preferred outsourcing hub
  • India office space absorption tops 42 million sq ft in 2017 , ready to grow by 4 fold by 2022. Demand for co-working space continued to witness an uptick, almost quadrupling in 2017 to touch 2.6 million sq ft, with both global and domestic players continuing to expand their operations in key cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai
  • The demand for office space to remain steady across key locations in the country including smaller cities that could also see a rise in demand, on the back of healthy supply introduction in these locations

Coworking space — the best trump card for your business in 2019

The concept of a coworking space has grown among entrepreneurs for one very strong reason. Entrepreneurs, small or big, are solution seekers, and coworking spaces tackle their problem of ever-increasing rent. The coworking environment provides them with an inexpensive alternative to a traditional office.

Across all major cities in India, leasing of over 5.2 million sq ft for coworking space providing companies, has gone through since 2015.

2019 could see a bigger range of coworking spaces in India, with a variety of benefits and facilities provided to the members. More and more people are going to turn to coworking spaces, especially once corporates start looking for new talent within their new work spaces.


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